• Collision Animation and Simulation

  • Collision Animation and Simulation

  • Collision Animation and Simulation

Tractor-Trailer is parked in travel lane and impacted by pickup.

Failure to keep proper lookout. Tractor trailer off-tracking causes death of pedestrian.

Car impacts Tractor-Trailer. Animation depicts avoidance maneuvers and perception/reaction time/distances.

Pick-up ,without visible taillights, turns in front of tractor trailer.

Hazardous working conditions cause an employee to slip and fall. For this case, CSI Forensics produced an animation detailing fatal injuries caused by a slick floor and waste an employee slipped on. To explain the damages, CSI created a animation of the fall and injurie to the employees brain. Through detailed graphical explanations, viewers are shown the severe nature of the injury, in an understandable and thorough manner.

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